Historical Fencing

Historical Fencing is the study of the use of the sword from single duelling weapon to the modern foil, focusing on the classical era of duelling.

Have you ever wondered what ‘Attacking with Capa Ferro’ means?  Or why Thibault cancels out his attacks?  Did you ever wonder why Bonetti’s Defense is fitting for rocky terrain?

If so, this is the class for you!  Not a stage fighting class, students will be instructed on basic movement, stance, attacks and defence with a Rapier.  This is different from Modern foil as it is taught as a Martial art much more then a Sport.

Each session will consist of 16 weeks of instruction and fencing.  Each class shall include training sections for footwork, conditioning, new drill to learn and practice every week, and open fencing at the end.  This class is aimed mainly towards beginners in Rapier fencing, but learned students are welcome to apply as well.

The class is taught by Instructors Lepine and Gelok.  Both have over a decade’s worth of training and practice in this unique and difficult fencing art.  Any questions about the program should be directed towards Instructor Lepine

The cost will be $280 per person per Term, which is payable in cheque or cash beforehand through mail or drop off at the club itself.

Applicants should also fill out the ADULT WAIVER and APPLICATION FORM to be include with the fee

Students should bring indoor shoes (clean shoes that they change into in the hall), long pants (track or sweat pants), a plain black T shirt, and a pair of leather gloves.  Swords and protective equipment will be provided.  Students are suggested to bring towels and water.  Applicants must be 16 years of age or over.

Historical fencing questions can be directed to: Brily Lepine

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