Youth Programs
(8-14 years old)

Beginner Classes
Intended for the novice / beginner youth fencer with no prior experience in fencing. Our beginner program consists of 8 one hour classes (1 per week). Beginner program fees are due at time of registration to guarantee a spot in the desired class. Use of our club equipment is included in the beginner class fee.

Beginners are expected to wear track-pants or work-out pants (no lycra, no shorts), a t-shirt, and indoor gym shoes. We also ask that you bring a glove (gardening or work glove) for your dominant (writing) hand.

Youth Beginner Classes are run:
Tuesdays, 6-7pm

After completing the beginner class a fencer has two options. The recreational stream or the competitive stream.

Recreational Youth Classes Our Recreational Youth program is intended for those that have completed a beginner class and are looking for a casual and fun activity. Recreational members may attend up to twice a week in the timeslots designated on the schedule (signup for desired sessions is required).

PRE-ELITE Classes 

These classes are intended for the athlete that wants to pursue fencing more competitively and to more seriously develop their fencing skills further.  Pre-Elite members may attend three times a week in the timeslots designated on the schedule.

ELITE Classes (invitation only)

The Elite stream is by invitation only.  This is for the more serious fencers that are pursuing the goal of a spot on the National Team and/or and NCAA scholarship.  These athletes are usually developed through the Pre-Elite program.

Private lessons are not included with membership. Members are expected to pay the coaches directly for lessons.


Please e-mail Kyle Foster or Brily Lepine if you have any questions or would like to register for any of our programs.

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